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Getting canned and unemployment benefits

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  • Getting canned and unemployment benefits

    A previous thread mentioned my friend taking a jab at his Japanese manager verbally, and apparently it did not go over well at all. He has disrupted the "wa" in a rather major way and has inspired the wrath therein. He is, in his words, "99% certain" he will be terminated in the next week or two. He seems convinced that they are legally obligated to pay him for breaking their contract and terminating him, or that at very least they would have to pay a few months wages and allow him to collect unemployment because "I pay the insurance premium, right?"

    I am nearly certain this is incorrect, that in Japan there is no legal obligation on an employer's part to give you anything at termination except a "socially acceptable reason" according to the labor law. Moreover I am certain that Hello Work and benefits are only for Japanese citizens and not gaijin on temporary work visas. My friend seems delusional about his rights here and seems to be buying into a lot of union propaganda while repeatedly causing disruption in his Japanese workplace by refusing to apologize to the "wronged" manager.