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    well .. another gaijin coming to Japan..!! so, what's new ?
    we have decided my wife & I to move to Japan with our two wife is originally from Nagoya one of my daughter can get a full scholarship from either the French Lycee in Tokyo or the American school (NIS) in Nagoya, which for us is a hard decision to take.
    i guess it will depend on where i'll get a job first. NOw the catch is ..."i don't speak well Japanese " yet ...! duh !!
    i do however have a pretty solid rirekishiyo with over 17 years as managing and training in some of the most popular and trendy restaurants in Los Angeles and Paris. I speak fluent English, French and can hold a conversation in Spanish without much difficulty. I'm learning conversational Japanese as fast as i can.
    Anyway ... i could use some tips from optimistic people ... for i need to decide pretty quickly my whereabouts in Japan ....we should be arriving by the 17th of February 2005 !!
    Any hints would truly help me, although i'm sure you fine people have other things to do than to help yet another white man coming to Japan !

    Thank you in advance !

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    First of all, I resent the assumption that you think we don't have anything better to do. Most of us really don't have anything better to do, that's why we're warming our tootsies by the Gpot fire. You also differ from most newcomers because you're a mid-career professional and not someone trying to become the next karate kid.

    Second, good luck with the Japanese. Learn it and learn it well. Without communicating in this strange language your options will be severely limited.

    Third, why are you moving here? Without knowing that it's impossible to recommend an area. Not impossible, because I can tell you to move to Yamaguchiken, but that kind of advice isn't based on any reasons other than that the Navy/Marine base in Iwakuni has a Burger King. Since your special lady friend is from Nagoya it seems like that would be easiest. If you're looking for adventure, Tom Sawyer, might I suggest Niigata?


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      Nigata ? .... i'm freezing just to think about it !

      As for Iwakuni, it sounds good ... actually Burger King sounds really good right about now !
      Yamagushiken is actually where part of my family in law live ... so we'll definetely visit there ....
      Thanks for responding! You are very kind ... Take great care !


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        Without a strong command of Japanese, your options are limited, even on a spouse visa. Number one thing to do before and after you arrive is study Japanese. Number two, of course, is to decide what you feel qualified to do without knowing much Japanese, and see where the jobs are for that. is a good starting place, but be advised, there aren't that many types of jobs with great reputations/salaries. Also, are you restricting yourself to the Nagoya or Tokyo area? That information would help some of us provide more useful tips.

        Will your wife work, too? Supporting 4 people is not likely on a teacher's salary, so you would either have to pick up more work, or she would have to work, too.


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          working two jobs problem !!

          yes, we are limiting ourselves to Tokyo and Nagoya ... for my daughter is getting scholarships from either American & / or French schools in their respective towns.
          However my wife will surely not work for at least another six months to care for our children, so working two jobs isn't an issue for me....three jobs would be even better for the moment being.
          I'm studying Japanese as we speak and i feel i'm maling progress very fast.
          Thanks for the link ... i'll check it out right now and thank you for responding !