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working holiday visa --->Work visa

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  • working holiday visa --->Work visa

    i have several questions in mind. If somebody could be kind enough to answer them, it would be helpfull..

    Can a working visa holder change his status to a work visa?
    If so can he continue to work while echanging his status?
    What is the procedure to do to apply for a work visa?
    What is a certificate of eligibility ?
    Anf finally what is the adress of the immigration office in tokyo?

    best regards.

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    Re: working holiday visa --->Work visa

    sorry i forgot a question : concerning the degree, how can the immigration check that the document you show them is really a degree? is there a list of universities by country?it's quite impossible to refer them all i guess...


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      Re: working holiday visa --->Work visa

      after reading the second topic i wrote i just want to mention that i don't and wilL never use fakes degrees. I just wanted to make it clear.


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        Re: working holiday visa --->Work visa

        About college degree, they ask for an original one, not a copy.


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          Re: working holiday visa --->Work visa

          You can try to apply for a Change of Status which might get you a Work Visa.
          I think your success will depend largely on your experience, the amount of time you've been here and whether or not an Employer can sponsor you.
          They ask for a copy of your degree (or Diploma etc.) as they wont be able to return the documents that you give them.