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Getting a Student Visa

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  • Getting a Student Visa

    Hello all,

    I have looked around and found most of my answers to my questions on this forum. You have all been incredibly helpful in creating such a source of knowledge. However i really want to be sure i havent missed anything important so I am asking for your advice. Thank you all in advanced.

    I have been here for two and half years on a three year Specialist in Humanities visa. I havent had a steady job since March of 2003 that would qualify for a sponsorship. I have however, worked parttime at a few elementary and other schools. I would like to study Japanese full time starting in October, when the Fall term starts. October, incedently, is also when my current Specialist in Humanities Visa is up. I would like to enroll in school, change my visa to a student one, and stay here for another year or so. Is all of this kosher? what problems may I expect to have? Is the current crackdown on foriegners going to impede me in this endeavor? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you again,


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