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  • Construction!

    Question: I live in Ichikawa-shi close to the station and, I noticed every other week or so there is construction going on. I have no problems with construction, but is it legal for non-government private businesses such as pachinko parlors, to have construction between the hours of 12 AM to 6 AM?!

    I mean I hear generators, power saws and grinding metal less than 20 meters from my apartment building and guess who is having trouble sleeping...I am sure it is not just me, but I do not hear anyone screaming shut up! Does anyone know the laws regarding this with the city ordinance? I mean where I come from nothing like this would ever happen... but so many of the mom and pop shops go out of business, there is too much noise pollution from the construction in the middle of nowhere. Should I and can I put up a fight or just move?