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    Currently, i am on a PR and have been living in Meguro Ward. I want to live in a cheaper place and save money for about 6 months to a year in Chiyoda Ward. Once i have saved up enough money, i would like to return to Meguro Ward. Would i need to make the changes from Meguro Ward to Chiyoda Ward, then back to Meguro Ward or could i keep my mouth shut and just state on documents (at my company and apartment info) that I still live in Meguro Ward?

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    why wouldnt you just tell them?


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      i thought that, but then i would have to take 2 days off to update the information. i thought by the time the paperwork from transiting to another ward was completed, i would be moving back to the original ward. would this be illegal if i did not tell them that i would move temporarily?


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        Why not Gunma?? That should make a rather perfunctory administrative affair even more ridiculously complicated.

        BTW, when I went to university, I was 5 days by car and 3 time zones away from home, but I left most of my contact info the way it was, and nobody was ever the wiser.
        Hope that helps.

        On a related topic, I am feeling like a little Chinese (the food, not one of them), but honestly, there is a Mexican restaurant much, much closer than the nearest Chinese place, and quite frankly, Chinese restaurant service sucks dog poo poo.

        Do you think if I went to the Mexican place, and explained that I really came for the Chinese food, they would run up the street and get me some crispy fried seafood noodle and a plate of Sweet and Sour?
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