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I have received my CoE, what is the next step for me?

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  • I have received my CoE, what is the next step for me?

    I am pretty sure that my case is a simple one, but I have searched through the forum and other websites, and I have mixed answers. Thus, I created a new thread and would be glad if anyone can tell me what my options are.

    My situation is as follow: I am already in Japan with a landing permit to stay for 90 days only. I don't have a work visa. I had a job offered as a Mechanical Engineer in Nagoya, and my company was able to obtained my CoE. They gave me the CoE note, but I don't think I am allowed to be working for them yet. I am a U.S citizen; not sure if it matters.

    So, I would like to know what I need to do to be working legally.

    Some people say I need to get out of Japan to obtain work visa, then come back. Some people say I can get my work visa inside Japan by going to the Immigration Bureau in Nagoya. And some say that I don't even need my work visa, but I still need to update my residency status. I don't really know which one of these options is correct.

    If you have any info or have been in the same situation, please help me out.


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    You should have been told that the next step is to take the COE and your passport down to immigration. They will issue you your work visa in the form of a status of residence stamp. You should consider when you plan to leave the country for vacation or whatever, because before July you have to have a reentry permit to leave and return after any amount of time up to the expiration of the visa. Don't get the permit, and your visa will be void.

    Beginning in July, you can leave and return after a year without the permit.


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      I am in a very similar position and would like advice too. I was previously in Japan for 3 months in 2010 and entered via the tourist visa. That was fine. This time, I arrived via a tourist visa but now my company is wanting me to stay more than 90 days. They have issued me a COE (issue date 6 March 2012). It says on the COE "This is not an entry permit. You are not admitted into Japan without an entry visa obtained from a Japanese embassy abroad". I understand that.

      The part I would like clarification on is "this certificate should be submitted to an immigration inspector with an entry visa for the landing permission at the port of entry, and shall cease to be valid if the application for landing permission is not filed within 3 months of the date of issue".

      So, 3 months from the date of issue makes 4 June 2012. Does that mean I only need to submit my application for landing permission to the embassy in Australia before 4 June 2012? Or does the whole process in Australia need to be completed before 4 June?

      If someone could please help I would be very grateful....


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        I am having problems following you. Where are you now? You wrote that you arrived with COE and tourist status, then you wrote about the embassy in Australia.

        If you have a COE, go to the Japanese embassy in your home country and get it exchanged to a visa. That is the procedure. If you got the COE and are in Japan, go to immigration.

        To answer your date question, it is when you submit.


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          Thanks for the very quick reply.

          This is why I am confused. I am currently in Japan, but it states on the COE that I must go "abroad" for the next step. It would be much easier if I am allowed to go straight to immigration here....


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            Nothing is ever clear with immigration in this country - it's almost always case-by-case. Phone immigration, see what they say.


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              Call or go to immigration (bring your passport and alien card and at least 4000 yen).