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Company Sponsership with a "University Degree"

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  • Company Sponsership with a "University Degree"

    Hey guys, I have a few questions that have almost brought heart to stop. Doing this under Anonymity to limit issues.

    So I just had a test with a company, passed it and also passed the first interview. I have the second interview and I feel very confident about it. They asked me if I had a university degree. I do have a university degree. However, after looking over a few forums including here. Everyone has the idea that you have to have a 4 year degree. I only have a 2 year degree, however I have a lot of experience (around 7 years). I looked at the legal papers (translated albeit), and it makes no mention of needing a 4-year degree to get a working visa.


    This company isn't like the biggest company in Japan, but it is definitely a very popular and perhaps long standing company (phone app developing). If they decide to Sponsor my work visa, is it possible that it will fail? (I've heard people getting their work visas with just a 2-year degree before but not as many times as people bashing with the 'Always a 4-year degree' chant I've been seeing mostly)

    I'm just curious as to what you guys think. If you say I have to have a 4 year degree or no luck, please state your reasons for assuming it's a 4 year degree. Thanks guys.

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    If all you have is the 2-year degree, you are likely not going to get a visa.

    Associate's degree?
    Canadian college diploma?
    Bachelor's degree achieved in record time?

    You need the equivalent to a bachelor's degree, and depending on nationality, that may be acquired in 3 or 4 years.

    If you have some work experience to accompany the degree, perhaps an immigration lawyer can slip you by.

    What type of visa are you hoping to apply for?


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      Originally posted by Glenski View Post
      If all you have is the 2-year degree, you are likely not going to get a visa.
      Why not? Many have.


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        yea, no. you do not have a university degree. you have a degree from a two year-college.... If you were a US citizen looking to work at NOVA, then NO, you would be issued a visa. That being said... a company can sponsor anyone they wish... the four year degree is just the common litmus test that has become the standard.

        you can get around that with a number of years working in your career. other ways around that include being married to a Japanese national, obtaining a WHV as a citizen of a country that has that wonderful option....


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          With 7 years of experience and 2 years of study you should be fine for the visa anyway. I'd rather be concenred whether the company will feel 'cheated' if they assumed that a 'university degree' is a regular bachelors and now realize it is only a 2-year college one. But if you correctly represented it on your CV, it's not your fault and I'd keep quiet.