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music jobs in Japan

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  • music jobs in Japan

    Hello everybody!
    I'am trying to find a job as a musician in Japan.Teaching,orquestra,Hotel or restaurant entertament,etc
    I am professional violinist(Master Degree),Graduated Odessa State Conservatory in Russia.
    Currently living in Canada(Canadian Passport)
    Any information please contact me

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    Re: music jobs in Japan

    You could try to obtain a copy of the Japan Times, Monday edition-they often have job adds-don't know what but mainly for foreigners. Might be worth a try.

    Busking is also an option!! It's a good way of getting recognition though I don't know what the laws are.


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      Re: music jobs in Japan

      Hi there I am also interested in music in Japan .I've been there 5x in the yokohama area and have been recording via the net and through mail mixing tracks with a fine violinist and outstanding guitar player there.
      I play numerous instruments but am most proficient on the hammer dulcimer and war pipes, What part of canada are you in? perhaps we could get together. I know some music producers in Tokyo and toured with Mary Dunne while there. Pipingly yours Tom


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        Re: music jobs in Japan

        Hi there,

        I am also interested in music jobs in Japan. I will be moving there on October 20, '02 to be with my partner. I have worked as a pianist (mostly classical or easy listening) in hotel restaurants, upper class bars etc, but also play the concert harp, although I don't currently own one and have worked as a freelance producer for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and recorded 9 classical CDs for them. I've done some orchestral arranging over the time and improvise well on the piano.

        Any advice would be gratefully accepted.


        David Cundy
        Sydney, Oz