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canadian commercial diver / construction laborer

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  • canadian commercial diver / construction laborer

    Hi, i currently live in canada with my wife whom is a Japanese citizen. I work as a commercial diver ( underwater construction) and also in civil construction. my wife hold a chemical engineering bachelor and she has been having trouble finding work here in canada. we were looking at the option of moving to japan but since my japanese is basic as of now , i can not pass the seusuishi test which is required for underwater work in japan. i was wondering if anybody had information about construction labourer employment in japan. will construction company be willing to hire a foreigner that unfortunatly do not speak japanese but is willing to learn it. and what are the perspective in construction in japan, here in canada all of it is mainly under union.

    Thank you for the help
    Mathieu Labelle

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    Welcome to the forum. As you know, there is a lot of reconstruction going on in Tohoku these days, and reports say that there is a shortage of labour in the construction industry :

    As you wife does not seem to be too busy and speaks Japanese, she should have the time to explore this for you.


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      Originally posted by math.labelle View Post
      I work as a commercial diver ( underwater construction) and also in civil construction.
      Are you talking about Air (inshore) or mixed gases and saturation work ? Inshore Port work can be found and is offered to qualified outsiders. Off shore work you don't need Japanese lingo but could be hired by a Japanese company who tender for works set in many parts of Asia the largest of the world's continents. You can still base yourself in Japan but work for other outfits
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        I did a lot of muff diving back in the late 90s.
        I got into a number of different outfits.
        Mostly private work.