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Whats the best way to find a summer job in Japan.

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  • Whats the best way to find a summer job in Japan.


    Im looking for some advice. I worked and lived in Japan from about October 2002 until August 2004 with AEON. I have a very good letter of reference, and I good CV. I was very well liked by my students, and I think/hope I was a good teacher. I am currently in Vancouver attending Law School, but I would like to come to Japan in the summer to get a job. The time period would be from May till the beginning of September (so 4 months approximately).

    I still currently possess a Japanese work visa (it expires October 2005), so it would be no problem to start work as soon as I arrive. I hope to get something in the Okayama or Hyogo ken area. Okayama city, Kobe, Osaka, somewhere around there would be ideal.

    However my problem is, since I worked with AEON the whole time I was in Japan, I dont really know how to go about finding someone willing to hire a teacher for the summer. My goal is to make money to pay my tuition come September, so I would like to start working ASAP in May, and not have to spend a lot of time job hunting in Japan.

    So any suggestions or leads would be greatly appreciated! Also if anyone has any job leads/offers I am willing to send my CV.



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    Basically, there are no summer teaching jobs in Japan.

    The Ministry is trying to allow college students to come during their summer breaks to teach in public schools, but there is only scant information on this from the newspapers, despite the lateness of the hour. That may be your ONLY break, but you'll have to glue yourself to the news or find some Deep Throat in the Ministry to give you more details.


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      Thanks for the reply, but I dont know if its 100% accurate. I was searching for some stuff online and ran across a company called Westgate, that does contracts with universities...they offer a 4 month contract, but its from April to the end of July...just a month earlier that I needed (since my exams finish end of April). So I know there are opportunities, I just need to find something that matches my arrival time....

      Still thanks for the heads up on the other info!


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        I did say "basically", Mello. I am quite aware of Westgate, and I didn't mention them. Sorry about that. Don't know if you are actually qualified to work for them, though. Take a closer look at their web site under the salaries section and see what qualifications they want.


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          Hey Glenski,

          No need to apologize. I wasn't trying to be derogatory in any way.

          Yes I did check their requirements, and although I do not possess any of the certificates they outline, I would sneak into the last category with over 1000 hours of teaching experience (actual in class time). I taught about 23 hours a week for close to 2 years.

          Although I know that's "Aeon time", I was a teaching theory 'keener' when I started, so I did a lot of research on effective teaching techniques.