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schumi is back! be quick to view the juice!

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  • schumi is back! be quick to view the juice!

    alright, this is great! despite the lickspittle tactics of paulh and the sysadmin with whom he shares a close relationship on GP, it burns him that he can't control the entire internet. for schumi's mass exposition of paulh's fantasies and a clear view of the distaste in which he is really held, check out the eikaiwa and Japan forums at

    Here are some great quotes from these recent exchanges (not written by schumi):

    "Tell Paul he's full of ____ and advice people without degrees how to geta Mc Job in Japan. He
    hates that what a MORN"

    "Have to agree with michaelschumacher3. Paul aka Paul the Hack is a pompous prick who often dispenses "knowledge" about issues that he knows little about meaning that half-truths and falsehoods are perpetuated."

    So. BUBBA your censorship won't work, and the debate is going to be held regardless. just think about it: loads of people are going to see it all. you can do nothing about this except remove this message on GP. but what will happen then will burn your ass even more, because the debate won't be held on GP where you can control it, it's going on over at LJ and everyone who reads and discusses the threads will be reading free opinions about you that aren't being served up by your sycophants or controlled by you. get ready for a shock...or maybe you already know that you're regarded as a pompous goat at best, a charlatan at worst.

    you see that's what you deserve for attempting censosorhip of schumi, BUBBA. but we want you to come and play too so when you're ready come and join us. if you don't, it's your choice.