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Union Difference

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  • Union Difference

    What is the difference between JOINING the general union and the teachers union? I heard the teachers union doesn't have the same influence and resources that the general labor union has, but the general labor union tends to throw a legal rep at any and all reasonable complaints without really understanding the issue or problem. In lay comparison the Labor union is the hard approach and the teachers union is the soft approach?

    How do you even join the unions?

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    I think you fill in an application form and set up your subscription - but that is a wild guess.

    The Teachers' Union has a more negotiated approach I think, but the employers they are dealing with are typically BoE's who are more amenable to that kind of approach than ALT despatch companies and private language schools.


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      I have joined the Teacher's Union in spirit, and by that I mean I laugh at how they spin every failure they have ever had into triumphant splendor.


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        the teacher's union when it's working a case harasses the company so much demanding more and more and more, till the company goes bankrupt and the teachers don't get paid their last salary.