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What was the most Luxurious Office or Dispatch or School you've worked at?

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  • What was the most Luxurious Office or Dispatch or School you've worked at?

    I got assigned a one on one class with a young plant manager who was being dispatched to the US- LA to be exact, to run a steel plant. It was the steel plant used in the end of the first Terminator movie. The class was held from 9-11AM in The Old Boy Room at the very top of the Kawasaki Steet HQ overlooking Hibiya Park. The OB club opened at 11 so I got to meet and mingle with some of the old executives who showed up to drink all day and eat fancy snacks and talk golf etc.... It was in the club that I held a golf putter for the first time. They never kicked me out after the class and my next class was at like 7PM. That was a very fun assignment.

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    I did not drink with them even though they offered. The food on the other hand, just before lunch, I was all over that.


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      I was sent to a "training center" for a ship building company in western Japan. The center was a hotel/golf resort/ that was used for a variety of purposes. Reportedly, employees could hold weddings there. Several local organizations used it. Some school groups were permitted. When I taught there, the place had no other guests, only my students. It had an amazing view of the countryside, very modern and comfortable. The meals prepared for us were outstanding, and the bar was open two of the three nights we were there. Nice onsen too. Another dispatch was down to Toba, Mie. The training center for a particular business in Nagoya was the only new building in the area. Very nice. There were many students staying at the training center, so the teaching staff were assigned to a nearby resort. The staff of the resort did not change their meal service to "business" so we got the full service for breakfast and dinner. Sadly, my colleagues stuck their collective noses up at the seafood that was put in front of them .... Ise-ebi, awabi, sazae, uni, and all the rest. The hotel chef sadly but an end to all that.... If I only had a gun....


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        Love Ise Ebi! Second best to Maine Lobster.