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contract violations?

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  • contract violations?

    Where can I find out the regulations concerning worker's rights in Japan? Also, is there anyone who knows about teaching contracts and the laws concerning companies who misrepresent themselves? If you have any information, I would appreciate your help. Thanks.

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    RE: contract violations?

    There is a great service provided for free by the Tokyo Government.

    The number is 03-3814-5311. They will answer any questions regarding employment contracts and refer you to other departments if necessary. All of them seem to speak pretty good English and you can remain totally anonymous if you like. A friend of mine passed this information onto me and I used it once and was very impressed with it.

    The only problem may be that they only receive calls in English at certain times of day and I can't remember what those times are, but I think they may have been in the afternoon. Hope this helps.


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      RE: contract violations?

      As far as I am concerned, contracts ARE violations.

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