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couple seeks teaching job info

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  • couple seeks teaching job info

    Hi there,
    My fiance and I are thinking about relocating to Japan to teach English; as we are victims of the dot-com fall out in the California area. I was an exchange student in Japan 4 years ago, and although it's rusty, I can speak Japanese. I used to do part-time English conversation jobs and remember being paid well for it.

    I was wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with the teaching schools (NOVA, GEOS, etc) in Japan and what their policies are with couples. Particularly, will we have to get married before we go there?

    As an exchange student, all I focuced on was learning Japanese, karaoke, and the weekly English teaching baito. I'm not familiar with renting, key monies, etc... and any imput on the feasibility to moving to Japan would be appreciated.

    Also, we are hoping to earn money in Japan-- is the $250,000/month enough to save? When I finished my year in Japan, I had a tidy nest egg-- but that was on a student's lifestyle (dorm living and eating rice balls).

    Thanks for any help you can give,

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    Re: couple seeks teaching job info

    Try applying to all of the major companies and mention in your cover letter that you are a couple. I suppose getting married and making yourselves legitimate wouldn't hurt, unless your relationship is just short-term anyway.

    You have some teaching experience, but how 'bout your significant other? Can you present both of yourselves as material that companies will want to hire as teachers?

    Is 250,000yen per month enough? Well, if 2 of you are earning that while sharing an apartment, depending on your lifestyle, you can still save. I had pretty much a student's lifestyle while working in Japan. My savings averaged about 100,000yen per month.


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      Re: couple seeks teaching job info

      Don't get married. Some companies don't allow married couples to teach at the same school. If you want to work together don't get married before coming here. You can live together in an apartment that the company will either provide for you or will help you locate. Most companies will subsidize or provide your key money with having special relationships with local land owners. You may still need to put down a deposit which you may or may not get back. (10,000 yen- 50,000 yen).

      Most teaching jobs start at 250,000 yen. You should be able to save at least 80,000 yen per month. Even more if you don't travel extensively and you are sharing your apartment with your boyfriend.

      Good luck choosing a company to work for. It is mainly personal preference on how much or how little freedom you want as to the company you work for. The large language schools are always hiring and it is easy now especially because of the terrorism to find a job. There are fewer people wanting to risk travelling because of it. The larger schools are more strict with what is allowed and not allowed. Also the larger schools tend to have very hectic schedules. (up to 8 classes a day with as little as 5 minutes to prepare for a class)

      I wish both you and your boyfriend the best.