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unrelated post that's gonna bore you to death

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  • unrelated post that's gonna bore you to death

    After experiencing chronic inability to fall asleep, while watching a long 30 minutes of Jerry springer, i felt a sudden need for learning.......
    I was lucky enough to find one of the best movies of all time (CYBORG with J C VanDamme) ok, ok it may not be the best movie.......

    I have studyed the "CYBORG" language and came up with a suitable translation.
    ( those that have not seen this piece of art won't understand)

    JC Vandamme: I knew i was going to find you here thunder!

    Thunder (the bad guy): I take you any day, any where my bro-ther!

    JC V: Oh...Yeah?? MoOOOOOOooooowWWaaaaRrrrgh=I warm up my power and I am now running toward you! (be afraid, be very afraid!)

    Thunder: HHHHhhhhhhhuuuuGGhr??=(what? to??)

    JC V: MMMMmmmmmaaaaaaarrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuugggggggo=double high kickelbrow
    inthe cheack 180 DEG rotation head bat.

    Thunder: AAAAAaaaaaaaarrrrrggggggooooooooooohhhhhhh= little

    unrelated post that is going to bore you to death= perhaps due to an overdose of Export Gold +Jerry Springer=brain dead 0100 hours.

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    Re: unrelated post that's gonna bore you to death

    still funny tho