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Taking over friend's 2 part-time jobs.:Visa requirement question

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  • Taking over friend's 2 part-time jobs.:Visa requirement question

    This is a question from a friend:

    My friend worked at 2 part time jobs for 3 years and each time he applied for his visa he put them both on the application and he was approved each time. The combined amount he made each month was over 20 man en.

    He is going to grad school now, and I just came back to Japan (was an exchange student years ago) on a tourist visa. I have been hired by both of his jobs and they have given me Letters of Appointment and the combined monthly income is over 20 man en. I am about to apply for the visa, but someone told me you can not receive a visa by combining jobs if you do not have at least 2 years work experience in Japan.

    So, my question is is the 2 year work experience requirement true?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    No, it's one year. You are describing "self-sponsorship" which only means continuing a current work visa without any of the employers themselves sponsoring you. Gotta have a year on that other work visa first.


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      I have a friend that got self sponsorship the first time. However, he was on a Work Holiday Visa and had already been earning a living for almost a year when he applied.