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The Bohme Academy

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  • The Bohme Academy

    Hi everyone,
    I wanted to let you know of a school in Gifu City, Japan, that you should avoid like a burning building. The Bohme Academy is a private school run by a person who treats his employees like garbage. Here's some of the highlights of working at this ''school'';

    1) You will be paid 25,000 yen less a month than anyone else in the area.
    2) Your housing will cost 50,000 yen plus utilities.
    3) The owner is notorious for keeping the housing deposits of his female teachers.
    4) He has been taken to court for physically assaulting a teacher.
    5) He has been accused of sexual harassment.
    6) He's refusing to return the deposit of one female teacher because she asked to not be in the promotional video or newspaper ad since she no longer works at the school.

    If you don't believe me, I suggest you Google "Bohme" with "General Union", and you'll find the accusation in the General Union November 2002 newsletter. If you just Google "Bohme Academy" you'll find a site refering to his physical assault. I've also met this person with whom he instigated the fight.

    I hope this keeps you away from this "Academy"